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Loštice – a beautiful town in the middle of Moravia is situated in the most northern part of Haná, in the foothills of Jeseníky-Mountains at an altitude of 260 m. Through the town flows the small river Třebůvka which ends into the river Morava after 4km near the village Moravičany.

The town is historically well-known for the pottery – the production of the Loštice-cups which were used in the 15th and 16th century almost in whole central Europe.

Currently there live over 3000 people in the town who work in various sectors of wood-processing- and metal-working-industry and also in agriculture. The most significant local product is a smelly-cheese (so called Loštický tvarůžek or Olomoucký syreček) which is a popular delicacy for all gourmets because of its typical smell and special taste.

The town is also known for a rich cultural life. In the town there are over 30 associations and clubs. The amateur theater and local music ensembles have here more than 120years tradition. The most meaningful cultural-event in the town is “The celebration of music and smelly-cheese” which is becoming step by step a tradition. The most important sport-event is called “The journey in footsteps of the smelly-cheese”.

Loštice is an ideal starting point for touristic and cyclist trips

City Olomouc – 35km, Jeseníky-Mountains – 50km, Castle Bouzov – 8km, Castle Úsov – 10m, Cave Javoříčko – 10km, Cave Mladeč – 10km

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Město Loštice
Náměstí Míru 66/1
789 83 Loštice
Phone:583 445 101, 731 501 003
Fax: 583 445 193

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